Need effective cooling and air movement in your process? Our Product Roundup shows some of the options available.

Fan-Blade Extensions Close the Gap Between the Shroud and the Fan Tip

Bristles on the end of each blade, ƐPS closes the gap between the shroud and the fan tip. This fan-blade extension minimizes turbulence in the blade, improves fan performance and reduces noise. Compatible with all of the company’s fans, the fan-blade extensions are suitable for operating temperatures up to 280°F (120°C). Static strength tested for durability in the toughest environments, they can withstand loads of more than 1016 N/in (40 N/mm), thereby performing at maximum operating speed for PAG fans. Fatigue testing shows that performance and noise remain unchanged even after 400,000 impacts, according to the company.

Multi-Wing America


High Volume, Low Speed Fan for Industrial Cooling

Titan industrial fan is supplied in five sizes ranging from 14 to 24’ blade spans. The direct-drive electronically commuted motor allows for an efficient, lightweight product, says the company. Other features include “lubricated for life” bearings and a touchscreen interface that allows users to integrate the unit with a building-management system through industry-standard protocols.

Hunter Industrial, Hunter Fan Co.


Ultra-Low-Sound Axial Industrial Fans

Swifter ULS Series provide solutions for sound-sensitive environments. The ultra-low–sound axial fans are available in seven standard diameters ranging from 63 to 156”. The extra-wide chord-width curved blades allow for smooth airflow with minimum air separation and turbulence. Constructed of high strength, lightweight fiberglass-reinforced polyester with a UV-resistant surface coating and leading-edge protection, the single-piece molded fans offer performance, reliability and durability. They are suited for use as OEM or replacement parts in equipment such as evaporators, cooling towers, condensers and exhaust and ventilation systems.

Glocon Inc.


Blade Extensions for Axial Fans and Fan Drives

BLEX blade extensions are made from a durable nylon textile. The flexible fabric is designed to adapt the fan diameter to the contour of the shroud, thereby reducing the clearance to ZeroTip. The flexible material produces a 2 to 3 dB(A) noise reduction. The same airflow rate can be achieved while reducing pitch angle and fan speed, thus lowering power consumption.

WingFan LP


Corrosion-Resistant Fans for Off-shore Applications

Designed to be used for human habitability and machinery subcomponent systems such as cooling exhaust, and combustion as well as process functions, corrosion-resistant fans have IEEE45-rated motors and suitable marine electrical connections. Intended for use on oil platforms and other marine installations, the JM tubeaxial fans and JMG vaneaxial fans include an adjustable-pitch feature that gives users the flexibility to make any necessary changes to flow or pressure.

Howden American Fan Co.


Fiberglass Panel Fans

Model FADP provides aerodynamic performance in a direct-drive design. The fiberglass panel fan is suited for corrosive environments or contaminated airstream applications. The wall box with mounting flange is constructed of UV inhibited Hetron 99 P polyester resin with Class I flame spread of 25 or less. The fan has an FRP airfoil axial impeller with a factory-set blade pitch for precise performance matching. The panel fan line is offered in diameters from 12 through 60” with capacities ranging to 50,000 cfm.

Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc.


Semicool Precision Fans, Custom Cooling Systems for Semiconductors

A line of vaneaxial fans originally designed for critical military and aerospace applications, the SemiCool systems offer precise temperature control in a compact package. Complete systems include high reliability fans, optimized heat exchangers and custom ductwork. Alternatively, customers can integrate the vaneaxial fans into their own cooling subsystems. Optimized fans with diameters ranging from 6 to 8” provide airflows of 900 cfm at 10 iwg. Designed to operate with 400 Hz industrial power converters, the fans offer rapid response, infinite speed control and minimal space requirements. These features are designed to support consistent systems operating temperatures.

Ametek Rotron


Flexible Fan Packs

A range of customizable axial fan packs, SmartPack is engineered to meet low-noise and efficiency requirements in industrial refrigeration and heat exchange applications. The custom fan packages include a metal frame with a plastic skin; custom-configured Multi-Wing fan; an AC or EC motor; and protective fan guard. The packages are offered in ~22.05, 24.80, 27.95, 31.50 and 35.43” width (560, 630, 710, 800 and 900 mm) diameters. The AC fan package meets strict industrial requirements and is available worldwide. The EC version achieves and maintains the highest possible efficiency levels within a wide operating range, including temperatures of -40 to 176°F  (-40 to 80°C).

E Flow Technologies