Our Cooling Capabilities on System Chillers offers a side-by-side comparison of system chiller makers to help you narrow your choices. Read on to learn about those chillers that must be hard-wired, moved with equipment (rather than human power) and have more than 5 tons of cooling capacity.

To view the matrix of system chillers online, visit www.process-cooling.com/directories. There, click on the Chiller Systems link at the top of the page. Online, you can view an overview of each manufacturer’s capabilities, see all manufacturers that offer certain features, or search by keyword. Also online, some manufacturers have upgraded listings that include a link to the company website as well as datasheets and other product information.

Use our RFP Builder to collect information from multiple suppliers. To do so, go to any Cooling Capabilities page and click the plus sign next to those suppliers you wish to add to your list, or the Add an Info Request button on any manufacturer’s listing. Continue adding companies until you’re ready to submit your list. Once you’ve selected those you are interested in, click on the Submit an Info Request button to create a prepopulated form. Fill in your contact information and send it. All responses from suppliers will be sent directly to you or the contact(s) designated by you.

If you need more information and want to contact a system chiller manufacturer directly, visit www.process-cooling.com/buyersguide and search for the company’s name.