Variable-speed drives from Control Techniques will be used to upgrade environmental cleaning systems and increase profitability. The Ohio-based company replaced its existing drive solution on its Aero with Control Techniques’ Unidrive M100, reducing the production cost by approximately $100 per machine.

Cold Jet's pellet dry-ice cleaning product utilizes its SureFlow system, which has an isolated, insulated hopper that reduces sublimation. In addition, a radial feeder on the Aero helps provide smooth cleaning performance.

The AC variable-speed drive is used to control the feeder, which regulates how much dry ice passes into the blaster and, consequently, the level of blasting aggression. The variable-speed drive has an LED keypad and concise parameter set. It also uses an SD card with AI-backup to clone and transfer parameter sets.

According to Cold Jet, incorporating the drive into the design required only a couple of changes to the schematics. More than 100 dry-ice cleaning system units have been shipped since the redesign, and no issues have been encountered.