Authenticated lubricants guaranteed to meet the specifications for particular chillers and mechanical cooling applications were developed to protect customers from the risks of counterfeit oils, says Johnson Controls.

The gallon containers of fluids in the York PureOil line carry the company’s seal of authenticity. Johnson Controls hopes this seal will serve to reassure end users and contractors and to deter those seeking to pass off inferior products as genuine components supplied by the OEM. York PureOil does not contain damaging additives, has a high flashpoint and is resistant to high temperature breakdown, the company noted. By contrast, low grade counterfeit oils, which are becomingly increasingly common in some markets, often have inferior ingredients, Johnson Controls said. They may contain contaminants, and they generally do not adhere to OEM specifications.

Lubricants are a key component of chillers and mechanical cooling systems. They protect wear surfaces, ensure long-life, maintain leak-tightness and enable proper performance and efficient operation. Oils also can play an important role in reducing corrosion.