At one bakery in the United Kingdom, a Helix spiral chiller manufactured by Starfrost operated with the original belt and did not require major maintenance for 18 years.

In a typical freezing or chilling installation, it is expected to replace the drum bar and belt wearstrip after 10 years of round-the-clock performance. Yet for one bakery, its interval until maintenance was required was much longer. Starfrost performed the machine’s first drum bar wearstrip replacement within 24 hours, enabling the bakery to resume usual production the next day.

 “The customer’s spiral chiller has achieved over 18 operational years without the need for any major maintenance, confirming the significant benefits of protecting an investment by servicing equipment correctly and on time,” said David Maude, Starfrost service manager. He also noted that the Helix spiral chiller is designed with components are selected for optimizing longevity, coupled with operating efficiency and low maintenance.