Frick Industrial Refrigeration rebranded its global range of lubricants in response to questions about the value of OEM-supplied oils in the ammonia refrigeration industry.

Frick PureOil is guaranteed to meet the specifications for particular compressors and mechanical refrigeration applications. Third-party oils can present risks for users of some ammonia refrigeration components, the company says.

Lubricants play critical roles in mechanical refrigeration systems: protecting compressors and system components, ensuring long life, maintaining leak-tightness and low oil carryover, and enabling proper performance and efficient operation. They also play a vital role in reducing corrosion.

Third-party branded oils may have inferior base stocks and could contain unproven and even harmful additives often not tested in ammonia systems. Sometimes, they do not adhere to the tight specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. As a result, third-party branded oils can cause chemical reactions or breakdown of the lubricant or its additives within a compressor system. This can lead to bearing damage, plugging of valves and fouling of heat transfer surfaces.

All containers of Frick PureOil carry a Frick “seal of authenticity” to assure users and to deter those seeking to pass off third-party products as genuine components supplied by Frick. Each Frick lubricant contains only the minimum proven additive chemistry for the service for which it is specified. Frick oils have low volatility to reduce oil carryover and are resistant to high temperature breakdown.