Sizing and selection program for direct-drive cooling towers (DDCT) provides users with a stock motor and drive solution as well as a custom-designed package based on specific application parameters. Developed by Baldor, Fort Smith, Ark., Cooling Tower Wizard (version 3.0.1) also includes an annual operating cost comparison between a new direct-drive package and a traditional gearbox or belted solution.

As few as three attributes (motor horsepower, fan speed and air velocity over the motor) are required to calculate a DDCT package. The Cooling Tower Wizard output identifies a stock motor and drive solution or a custom-designed package based on application data. Product details include stock product number, frame sizes, current and motor efficiency. In addition, performance data, noise levels, motor and drive dimensional drawings and a detailed annual cost savings estimation can be downloaded.

The operating cost analysis tool estimates yearly cost savings between a new direct-drive solution and traditional gearbox or belted equipment. For an accurate estimation, most fields are editable to customize the expected operating conditions.

Download it here.