Aggreko introduced a 230-ton air-cooled screw chiller into its fleet. Powered by variable-speed technology, the unit offers a range of process cooling capacity from 5 to 70°F and delivers increased fuel savings.

Designed in partnership with Johnson Controls, the chiller supports multiple applications across several industries, including process applications where cooling plays a vital role to maintain operational output such as food and beverage product development or data center temperature control.

Variable-speed technology allows the chiller to operate at different levels, including a programmable operating setting. This means it can operate at full capacity during production hours and then be set to a lower level during off hours.

The chiller can be used with Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring (ARM) services. This includes its remote operations center, a response service staffed by expert technicians that diagnose problems, remotely fix issues and proactively prevent failures when possible. ARM services actively supplement customers’ operations teams.