Evoqua’s Vortisand water filtration system has been selected to help an institute of higher education with its water needs.

Evoqua delivered a fully skidded Vortisand 700 gal/min sidestream filtration system to the Ivy League school. It will use the filtration system to help resolve their chilled water loop and HVAC challenge. Incoming water quality had been adversely affecting the chiller system and water loop by increasing the potential for fouling, resulting in higher costs and reduced cooling efficiencies.

Maintaining the chiller water system at designed temperatures is important for the institution because the cooling system is providing HVAC to the main laboratories to protect sensitive research projects.

The system is similar is scale and size to Vortisand sidestream filtration systems used in industrial cooling applications such as chemical processing and food and beverage. 


Process Cooling EVENT ALERT:
Manufacturing facilities are routinely reviewing their system's water quality and treatment levels to prevent early and rapid corrosion, scale and biological growth; leading to unplanned facility maintenance or shutdown and possible product failure. With time, these fine particles will have an impact on your manufacturing costs, operating costs and production losses, while diminishing the quality of your final product. Listen to our process cooling expert as he explores how you can reduce your total operating/maintenance costs while achieving your water reuse and sustainability objectives.

Evoqua Vortisand will present "How High Efficiency Filtration Systems Reduce Unplanned Facility Maintenance & Shutdown Costs," a one-hour webinar with Process Cooling, on August 17 at 2 p.m. ET.

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