Linde LLC hosted a two-day Food Safety Summit at Notre Dame University in June. About 60 participants representing approximately 30 independent gas distributors were in attendance.

Attendees learned about industry best practices and new government requirements for food safety. Presenters at the summit included industry consultants, major distributors, suppliers and leaders from industry associations.

Under recent changes to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), food contact gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide are managed as food ingredients — not just during food and beverage processing but through the entire supply and distribution chain. Food safety expert Bob Yeoman of B&R Compliance Associates LLC delivered an overview of FSMA and detailed updated procedures for safety and prevention.

This was Linde’s first Food Safety Summit. The company supplies beverage-grade CO2 for carbonated soft drinks and food-grade gases used in cryogenic chilling and freezing systems for food processing.