We have been busy over here at RETA HQ planning for this year’s National Conference, taking place September 26-29 in Hershey, Pa. It’s turning into a great program.

The topic chairs, Bill Lape and Ed Johnson (Dean Foods), Jordan Reece (Lanier Tech) and Jacqueline Kirkman (Cargill), have been working hard with 2017 Conference Chair Lee Pyle (SCS Tracer) to make available to attendees a huge variety of topics for all career levels.

Check out www.reta-events.com to see all of the sessions being offered. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Two local RETA chapters, Southern Pennsylvania and Northern Pennsylvania, have confirmed instructors for six hands-on sessions happening twice on Tuesday, September 26.
  • There will be an amazing and extremely interactive PSM  workshop.
  • A representative from the Environmental Protection Agency will be discussing general-duty inspections and citations.
  • One of our most popular presenters, Ed Johnson, will speak about “The Results of EPA Enforcement Actions on Our  Industries Under the General-Duty Clause.”

For the first time, RETA will be offering two sessions in Spanish. If those are well received, more sessions in Spanish will be offered, so please attend if you want to see more.

Earn Most of Your PDH Credits at Once

One thing the RETA National Conference has that is hard to find anywhere else is the opportunity to gain an abundance of PDH credits all in one shot. Not only that, you can earn them a variety of ways from traditional presentations, workshops, hand-on sessions to competitions.

Are you certified? No? Well, no problem. RETA National runs testing for all would-be “RETA Heroes” CARO, CIRO and CRES all-week long. Not ready to take the leap? Or just want to brush up before you do? RETA review courses for CARO, CIRO and CRES will be offered to help you along the way.

Of course, the annual national conference of the Refrigerating Engineers & Technicians Association is not all work. Among the social activities are a golf outing, the RETA BBQ Challenge, Roost and an amazing expo with all kinds of vendors to meet your organization’s needs.

Finally, we must thank our 2017 sponsors. Without them, RETA National would not be the event it is today. Learn more about our sponsors and all of the details on our 2017 National Conference at www.reta-events.com.

Mary S. Hendrickx is conference director of RETA. Learn more about RETA at 541-497-2955 or www.reta.com.

See these industrial refrigeration products on the show floor at RETA in Las Vegas!

Ammonia Gas Detectors

ATI designs and manufactures a complete line of ammonia gas detectors, both fixed and portable. Additionally, we produce gas detectors for 32 other toxic and combustible gases. Visit RETA Booth 419. 

Analytical Technology




 A Star in the Industrial Refrigeration Field

The OS.A95 extends the capacity range of the BITZER ammonia screw compressors and may be combined with the existing OS.A series in compounding operation. The intelligent control electronics ensures maximum efficiency and monitors the application limits with the aid of the power and control slider. The integrated Modbus interface handles the communication with the overriding system controller. Visit RETA Booth 515. 

Bitzer US Inc.


Ammonia Gas Detectors for Harsh Environments

Designed food-industry tough, the company's ammonia sensors were designed specifically for harsh applications in the food processing and cold storage industry. Stop by our booth and check out our new product line up! You can also sign up for a chance to win a drone. Visit RETA Booths 212 and 214.

Calibration Technologies Inc.




Ammonia and Solest Lubricants

CAMCO is an industry leader in the synthetic lubricants. In addition to our ammonia and Solest lubricants, CAMCO offers lubricants for any refrigerant application. CAMCO also offers a comprehensive range of Industrial Lubricants for process gas, hydrocarbon gas, air compressors, vacuum pumps, hydraulics, gears, chains, turbine, landfill gas, field gas, chemical process and many NSF H1 and H2 food-grade applications. Visit RETA Booth 411.

CAMCO Lubricants



Ammonia Leak Detection

For more than 35 years, Cool Air has been manufacturing ammonia leak detectors for the industrial refrigeration industries such as food processing plants, cold storage facilities, fish processors, utilities and more, in the USA and around the world. Cool Air leak detectors are reliable, have the longest-lasting sensor, and are the easiest to maintain of any detector on the market today. We also offer technical phone support and custom solutions. Visit RETA Booth 510.

Cool Air Inc.




North America’s Largest Industrial Refrigeration Contractor

CIMCO Refrigeration offers full-service capabilities in engineering, design, manufacture, installation, and service of industrial, process cooling, and recreational refrigeration systems. For more than 100 years, and with key locations across North America, CIMCO has provided customized cooling solutions and service. Visit RETA Booths 413.

CIMCO Refrigeration Inc.



Global Innovator of Heat Transfer Solutions

EVAPCO is the global innovator of heat transfer solutions for the commercial HVAC, industrial refrigeration, power, and industrial process markets. Our partners know they can count on EVAPCO for continuous innovation, superior craftsmanship, and guaranteed performance. Visit us at our booth, or at evapco.com to learn more and explore our groundbreaking environmentally-conscious technologies. Visit RETA Booths 511 and 513.




Ammonia Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

Developed from Fuller technology, FLSmidth’s Ful-Vane ammonia compressors and vacuum pumps have over 85 years of proven technology. Many original units are still operating as efficiently as new. Our Service Centers provide the best local support: 24/7 emergency service, equipment exchange and consignment programs. Visit RETA Booth 119.

FLSmidth Inc.



Enabling Reliable Refrigeration for Over 50 Years

Howden designs, manufactures, supplies and supports a large range of highly reliable and efficient screw compressors to a network of expert compressor packaging customers for refrigeration applications. Howden’s engineering expertise is coupled with the local knowledge of our nominated compressor packaging customers, enabling the strongest support for end-users. Visit RETA Booth 619.

Howden Roots LLC (dba Howden Compressors)



Industrial Refrigeration Experts

M&M Refrigeration offers industrial refrigeration system design, installation, manufacturing and serving. With our three locations and a subdivision specializing in control systems, we are equipped to handle most industrial refrigeration needs. We can custom design any system to maximize refrigeration performance and efficiency. Visit RETA Booth 202.

M&M Refrigeration




Decrease Energy Consumption and Noise with EMAX4 High-Efficiency Fan

Multi-Wing’s EMAX4 Fan offers up to 77 percent total efficiency. EMAX4 has a computer-optimized blade design for maximum performance. Customized for your requirements, EMAX4 decreases noise by 2 to 3 dB and reduces energy consumption in air-cooled condensers, chillers, cooling towers and evaporators. Visit RETA Booth 504.

Multi-Wing America



Pipe Insulation

Owens Corning FOAMULAR XPS Pipe Insulation is the right solution for cold applications.  Excellent durability and thermal and moisture properties combined with quality fabricators, makes choosing FOAMULAR XPS an easy decision.  Owens Corning also has the quality and technical support needed to meet the challenges of the low temperature market. Visit RETA Booth 113.

Owens Corning



Air Handlers for Industrial Refrigeration

Critical process and hygienic air handlers and drip-resistant stainless air diffusers are perfect for industrial refrigeration applications. Part of a food production facility’s HAACP plan, our units provide air filtering, cooling, dehumidification, condensation control, outside air, room pressurization and heated air for room wash-down shifts. Quick ship lead times. Visit RETA Booth 209.

Phoenix Air Systems



Industrial Refrigeration Experts

Stellar is your partner for all your refrigeration needs. Our team of more than 120 full-time refrigeration engineers, designers, field service specialists, and automation/controls experts work together to support our clients. We have experience in all major refrigerants, including CO2 and ammonia, and have installed more than 1,000 food and distribution systems. Visit RETA Booths 810 and 812.



Innovative Solutions for 150 Years

Vilter Manufacturing provides reciprocating and screw compressor solutions for the industrial refrigeration and gas compression markets. Our expert technicians and engineers combine decades’ worth of experience into reliable service, quality production, and valuable training. Our close customer relationships allow us to provide continuous product innovations according to customer needs. Visit RETA Booth 415.

Vilter Manufacturing