A heat transfer exhibit with three interactive stations demonstrates each type of heat transfer — convection, conduction and radiation. Advanced Cooling Technologies (ACT) donated the “Thermal Zone” exhibit to the Lancaster Science Factory in Lancaster, Pa.

Designed for children 8 to 13 years old, the stations has a crank-controlled fan that blows air over aluminum to demonstrate convective cooling; an interactive feature of several materials and their differences in thermal conductivity; and a high-tech thermal camera that displays the radiated heat of visitors.

“Thermal Zone” was designed, manufactured and assembled by ACT employees in a largely volunteer effort over the course of almost a year. Both materials and employee labor time were donated by the company.

“One of the scientific principles we were looking to add to our exhibit hall was the concept of heat transfer,” said Bob Herbert, director of operations at LSF. “We are excited for our visitors to experience heat transfer in an interactive way and are grateful for the expertise and professionalism that ACT has provided.”

ACT, also of Lancaster, specializes in advanced thermal technology development and custom thermal product manufacturing.