Suited for industrial refrigeration applications that require safe design, installation and operation with ammonia and other refrigerants, the Cube is available in both forced draft/blow through (BTC) and induced draft/draw through (DTC) models. The evaporative condensers were designed to simplify field installation, ease alignment of top and bottom modules, require minimal fasteners, and offer preassembled platform and guardrail options. DTC models are available in three nominal widths: 8.5, 10 and 12’; and four nominal lengths from 12 to 36”. BTC models are offered in 10 and 12’ nominal widths and four nominal lengths. The mechanical components and refrigeration coils are housed in heavy-duty galvanized steel to help provide corrosion protection. They are produced in collaboration with SGS Refrigeration Inc., Dixon, Ill.

SPX Cooling Technologies Inc.