Munters launched PsychroApp, a psychrometric calculator, and ProApp Datacom, a calculator for data centers and mission-critical facilities for sizing cooling systems and energy efficiency, for Android devices. Previously available for iOS platforms only, both apps have been updated and improved.

The psychrometric tool to calculate the thermodynamic properties of moist air was first introduced in 2011. It allows users to calculate total, sensible, latent and moisture loads of any process, more accurately than using psychrometric charts, according to Munters.

Introduced in 2015, the data center app was designed for HVAC design engineers. It is intended to provide a time-saving calculation tool for the design and analysis for sizing of cooling systems and energy efficiency within data centers and critical facilities.

Both apps use industry standard ASHRAE equations and are downloadable via Google Play. The updated PsychroApp for iOS devices is available via AppStore.  Both apps are free to download, come in multiple languages and are also available by visiting