Permatron, Elk Grove Village, Ill., a privately held provider of value-added, application-driven air filter solutions, was acquired by Edgewater Funds and Duchossois Capital Management in partnership with Brandon Ost. Permatron designs and manufactures air filter components such as air-intake protection for cooling towers and evaporative coolers. The filters can be integrated and performance matched for the application.

Says Leslye Sandberg, Permatron’s president, “As customer requirements expand, so do Permatron’s capabilities.  All of our employees are excited about the ability to grow our manufacturing capabilities as well as partner with a group of exceptional filtration companies in support of our customer focused strategy.”

Ost has more than 25 years in the filtration business and most recently served as CEO of Filtration Group. He cites Permatron’s tradition of product innovation to meet the changing needs of the air filtration industry. He seeks to capitalize on new and emerging technologies and apply these solutions to real-world filtration problems.