The ICV Flexline product family consists of an ICS pilot operated control, ICM motor-operated control and ICLX two-step solenoid valve. All valve variants are based on one common valve body to offer flexibility. All valves are designed for a maximum working pressure of 52 bar (754 psi) and efficiently handle CO2 and other future high pressure refrigerants. The company also offers the ICV with flanges allow operators to combine one valve housing with three functionality inserts (pilot, motor-operated or two-step valves), easing installation and servicing. Because the connections are flanged, it is not necessary to decommission the entire refrigeration system in order to get the benefits of the Flexline valves. The ICV with flanges is available in five sizes: ICV 25 PM, ICV 35 PM, ICV 40 PM, ICV 50 PM and ICV 65 PM.