A multi-layer system protects ammonia and subzero piping and prevents heat losses. When applied to a rusted or new pipe, ReactiveGel RG-2400 will stop and prevent corrosion on ferrous-metal piping systems. The patented mineralization technology puts an end to corrosion. Dow Styrofoam XPS PIB insulation in double-layered configuration with staggered joints provides effective insulation for ammonia refrigeration piping and components. VaporGuard butyl vapor-stop tape provides complete vapor stops from the pipe to the next layer of insulation, then up to the final jacket. It is suitable for use at vapor-stop locations, vapor terminations and expansion joints. Vapor barrier membrane choices include ZeroPerm, an aluminum foil/PET vapor barrier membrane; Insulrap 30-SJ, a self-healing zero perm vapor barrier; and Alumaguard, a self-healing, peel-and-stick weather barrier that serves as a zero perm vapor and weather barrier. The white Alumaguard Cool Wrap provides effective jacketing system for ammonia systems. Finally, using AlumaGlide gliding insulation saddle supports at hanger or pipe stand locations allows the pipe to move without damage to the exterior jacketing system.