EarthSmart ESTW Series eliminate the constant water consumption and treatment requirements of conventional evaporative towers, utilizing closed-loop cooling that isolates process water from contamination. The adiabatic cooling towers cycle it through finned heat exchangers, where ambient air absorbs process heat and cools it for recirculation. During periods where ambient air is warmest and maximum cooling capacity is needed, the adiabatic towers use top-mounted fans to draw warm air through wetted adiabatic panels located in front of the finned heat coils. The tower’s controls automatically manage the adiabatic process, varying water volume and fan speed to reduce the temperature of the ambient air passing through the heat exchangers. The line includes eleven models capable of handling nominal process coolant flow rates of 45 to 510 gal/min (170 to 1,930 l/min), with cooling capacities ranging from 17 tons to 195 tons.

Conair Group