Universal Environmental Technology (UET) reactor system consists of a skid series of reactor tubes that can be retrofitted to any process water system. It is a turnkey solution that creates an acid and a base by using electrolysis to split water. The alkaline solution is used to precipitate scale-forming minerals while the acidic solution activates chlorides into biocide. The water is then balanced, using naturally present calcium and magnesium ions to act as a buffer for corrosion. The result is a simple solution for scale, corrosion, and bio-contamination that does not require chemical additives. Real-time monitoring can be fit to the system to allow data to be streamed over a 3G network. The UET water treatment system has been recognized by the Department of Energy, Government Services Administration and National Renewable Energy Laboratories as a technology that can transform industries during their Green Proving Ground (GPG) and High Impact Technology (HIT) Catalyst programs.

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