A M King, an integrated design-build firm, completed construction of a new cold storage distribution center for avocado producer Henry Avocado Corp. of Escondido, Calif. The project allows the company to expand its operations on the East Coast, providing a new supply chain of high-quality avocados to restaurants, food distributors and grocery stores. The center can distribute approximately 300,000 custom-ripened fresh avocados daily, with storage capacity for an additional 1 million avocados.

The 25,000 ft2 facility includes a mix of forced air rooms, cooler storage space for produce, loading docks and a mechanical equipment room. The refrigeration system design allows for future expansion that includes a compressor rack and condenser, refrigeration pipe sizes, electrical panels and load calculations, and isolation valves at expansion points. LED lighting and variable frequency drives were installed to reduce energy consumption and increase operating efficiency.

Henry Avocado is a year-round marketer and distributor of custom-ripened, fresh, conventional and organic avocados sourced from California, Mexico, Peru and Chile.