The Copper Development Association (CDA) added two how-to videos, “How to Braze Threaded Copper Adapters” and “Soldering and Brazing Copper Alloy Flanges,” to its Copper Tube Handbook app. The association also added a new chapter, “Copper-Iron Alloy Tube and Fittings for High Pressure HVAC/R.”

According to CDA, the educational videos demonstrate how to create leak-free connections through proper installation and joining techniques. The new chapter provides information about preventing refrigerant leakage when using copper tubing for high pressure applications as well as how to avoid or respond to issues that may arise such as freezing, corrosion and vibration.

The Copper Tube Handbook serves as resource for anyone working with copper tube and piping systems or seeking access to technical specifications, data or installation instructions. Download the free app from the Apple or Google Play store.