Nalco Water unveiled a program designed to predict and prevent scale, corrosion and microbial factors that impact the performance of surface condensers and total heat exchangers.

The Ecolab company describes Omni as a program that improves asset performance for power and chemical producers through a digital platform and real-time process control technology. Its real-time insights and agile process control abilities are expected to drive efficiency, result in lower water usage, lower operating costs and improve asset reliability.

Precise data monitoring, asset simulation and expert water insights give users the ability to identify incipient problems, says Nalco Water. Companies using Omni can execute solutions before those problems become shutdowns or other production losses. Other benefits cited by the company include real-time visibility of conditions, which creates opportunities to improve process efficiency for surface condensers, heat exchangers and total plant water systems.

In other company news, Ecolab Inc., acquired the paper chemicals business from Georgia-Pacific. The acquisition is expected to enhance Ecolab’s position in the growing tissue and towel as well as the packaging and board segments of the paper industry. The acquired business had 2016 revenues of approximately $43 million.