Ammonia Leak in Chicago Sends 7 to Hospital

A large ammonia leak at a Fresh Express food processing plant in Streamwood, Ill., sent two firefighters and five other people to the hospital on June 6.

Marijuana Producers Increase Yield with Custom Refrigeration Units

As the movement to legalize marijuana continues to take hold across the country, growers are beginning to seek out equipment that will help them maximize production. Many growers have turned to design-build contractors to provide cooling and dehumidification systems that help them maintain the temperature and humidity conditions needed for the various phases of marijuana grow operations. 

Donated Cooling Tower Aids in Training

Steamfitters UA Local #602 Mechanical Trades School recently expanded and renovated its training facilities. The union, which represents journeymen, apprentices and helpers working in the heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and process piping industries, sought equipment donations to help with its apprenticeship training mission.

Survey: Carbon Dioxide Gaining Acceptance in Industrial Refrigeration

The industrial refrigeration industry sees CO2 as a viable mainstream technology for refrigeration, according to the results of an online survey conducted by Danfoss.

Winery to Install Wastewater Treatment System

Napa Valley-based Rombauer Vineyards will install a system to treat its wastewater stream on-site while generating 30 kW of renewable electricity and heat.

Program Uses Rainwater to Make Wine

GE teamed up with the University of California Davis and Winesecrets to pilot a program that would use captured rainwater in wine production.

Poor Valve Design, Human-Factor Engineering Disconnect Contribute to 2016 Refinery Fire, Says CSB

A fire that severely burned four workers at the ExxonMobil refinery in Baton Rouge, La., occurred when operators inadvertently removed bolts that secured a piece of pressure-containing equipment to a plug valve. The uncontained valve came apart and released flammable hydrocarbons, forming a vapor cloud that quickly ignited and injured the workers. The explosion occurred on November 22, 2016.

IIAR Adds Industrial Refrigeration Training School

Plant managers and engineers, design/build contractors, PSM/safety specialists and refrigeration system designers can benefit from an online training program developed by the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration. Dubbed the “Academy of Natural Refrigerants,” IIAR’s certificate program focuses on educating attendees about ANSI/IIAR standards governing safe installation, startup and decommissioning of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems.

SPX Cooling Technologies Redesigns Cooling Tower

SPX Cooling Technologies redesigned its Marley AV line of factory-assembled single-flow cooling towers. The AV is suited to support refrigeration systems and light industrial loads.


Spiral Chiller Operates Maintenance-Free for 18 Years

At one bakery in the United Kingdom, a Helix spiral chiller manufactured by Starfrost operated with the original belt and did not require major maintenance for 18 years.