U.S. Water was awarded a contract to design a reverse osmosis (RO) system for a Midwest food and beverage plant’s expansion. The new RO system allowed the plant to reach an 87 percent permeate recovery rate.

To maximize recovery rates, the RO system was placed downstream of the carbon filter, and the RO permeate was used both for boiler makeup and plant process water. A larger portion of permeate was fed to two storage tanks along with sodium hypochlorite to control bacteria in the water used in the food and beverage facility.

The concentrate from the RO system was sent to the cooling towers to create a portion of the cooling tower makeup, reducing the amount of water demand from the city and the amount of water discharged to the sewer. This reuse solution is saving approximately 144,400 gallons of water per year.

U.S. Water also implemented a brine reclaim system that recovers a portion of brine during softener regeneration. This helps reduce chloride discharge, regulatory compliance concerns and salt usage per year.