Delta Cooling Tower Inc.

Antimicrobial Cooling Tower Helps Minimize Legionella Risk

According to test results from Special Pathogens Laboratory, the AM cooling tower displays the only anti-microbial efficacy against Legionella bacteria out of all the common cooling tower materials. The industrial cooling tower shell is constructed of antimicrobial HDPE resin. Fully compounded throughout the resin, the material reportedly resists biofilm growth and withstands aggressive chemical treatments. 


Baltimore Aircoil Co. (BAC)

Cooling Tower Line Expands to Include 14’ Models

Incorporating a counterflow cooling tower design, the PT2 line was expanded to include 14’ models. The two new configurations (8.5 x 14’ and 12 x 14’ box sizes) are certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI). Offering a compact footprint, the PT2 provides an efficient solution for installations with space constraints. The units also reduce energy consumption with premium efficient motors. Installation is eased due to a single-piece lift and BAC’s InterLok System. The towers have a wind load rating of 130 psf and are seismically verified up to an SDS of 2.93g at grade.


Dry Coolers Inc.

Evaporative Cooling with Packaged Cooling Towers

Industrial cooling towers evaporate water and take the excess heat with it. Automated cooling pumps activate in stages as required to meet changing process flow demand. A PLC with touchscreen control and instrument display provides diagnostics, datalogging and communication with plant’s master system. Cooling towers provide cooling offer significant water savings when compared with using tap water cooling options. Standard package size cooling towers range from 15 to 425 tons. Options include stainless steel or fiberglass construction. The company also can provide pumping and filtration solutions to integrate the cooling tower with the rest of the process.


Air Solution Co.

Cottonwood Filter Screens for Cooling Towers, Air-Cooled Chillers

Cottonwood filter screens eliminate clogging of fill and strainers as well as sludge buildup in cooling towers. Less contamination means facilities can avoid cleaning solvents and power washing of chiller or condenser coils. Facilities can save annually in energy, downtime, lost productivity and maintenance costs. Compatible with all mechanical equipment brands, the air-intake filter screens are offered in 10 styles. From small condenser and chiller coils to large cooling towers and intake openings that require fast setup or take down, air-intake filtration systems can protect valuable equipment from airborne debris.