Water cooling, evaporative heat transfer equipment such as cooling towers, and cooling water treatment remain the focus of the Cooling Technology Institute’s annual conference. The meeting will take place February 4-8 at the Hilton Houston North. Head to Houston to learn the latest about industrial evaporative cooling technologies.

On February 6 and 7, the conference program includes a concurrent technical session schedule where two will run simultaneously. Topics include:

  • Removing biofilms.
  • Determining the service life of wood-framed cooling towers.
  • Structural health monitoring for cooling towers.
  • Using water to boost air-cooled condenser performance.
  • Using wastewater profiles for water reuse in cooling towers.
  • Corrosion monitoring and corrosion inhibition in cooling water systems.
  • Managing pipe stresses and end loads.
  • Causes of system failure unrelated to water chemistry.
  • Cooling tower thermal performance assessment using a refinery as a case study.
  • Testing methods for total bacteria and Legionella bacteria in cooling water systems.
  • Comparing wet, dry and hybrid cooling systems.
  • Underwater robotic technology for online tower basin cleaning.
  • Rental towers and CTI certification.
  • Visual cooling tower inspections via drones.
  • Strategies for reducing uncertainty in Legionella analysis.
  • Fundamentals of testing cooling tower fill packs for load capacity.

The owner/operator panel on Tuesday, February 6, will include a technical presentation about the use of CTI standards and guidelines when creating construction scopes of work or installation specifications. Following the presentation, the owner/operator group of CTI will host an exclusive open-forum discussion for owner/operators. (No suppliers or manufacturers will be present.)

Later that day, all attendees can reconvene at a tabletop exhibition and meet with equipment and service providers to learn more about current evaporative heat transfer and water treatment technologies.

The education session on Wednesday, February 7, includes sessions on cooling tower fundamentals; a patient's perspective on Legionnaire's disease; cooling tower performance curves, cooling tower gearbox reliability and EPRI research on cooling system technologies.


For additional information and to register, visit www.cti.org.