A Middle Eastern liquid natural gas (LNG) facility can conserve around 3 million gallons of treated water every day by following recommendations from a water operations audit conducted by United Water Consultants (UWC). The lower water demand would also decrease the plant’s seawater desalination costs. 

UWC identified strategies to save an estimated 20 percent of annual water treatment costs by adjusting the plant’s operation and water treatment, including the condensate system and boiler water pretreatment. The audit also recommended adjusting the cooling water chemistry to improve corrosion and microbiological control.

Paul Puckorius, a UWC’s founding principal, said the treatment modifications would provide the LNG facility with greater protection of its assets and improve plant reliability. He also noted that the study involved a thorough examination of the facility’s overall water systems in addition to a review of the current approach to pretreatment, boiler and cooling water treatment, and water usage.