Daikin America Inc. retrofit its new refrigerant, Creard R-407H, in the refrigeration system of a cold storage warehouse in upstate New York. Used to replace the system’s existing R22, the refrigerant has a low global warming potential of 1,380 GWP, Daikan notes.

The retrofit occurred at a warehouse at a 240,000-bushel, 12-room refrigerated fruit-storage facility. System components at the warehouse include four 50-hp Bitzer 6F.2 open-drive reciprocating compressors mounted on a Hillphoenix rack; an Evapco water-cooled condenser; and 24 Kramer and six Colmac evaporators. The storage temperature target is between 30 and 34°F (-1 and 1.1°C).

The fruit-storage facility has has one major loading season and performs continuous storage and delivery throughout the year. The final retrofit took place over the course of four days directly prior to the harvest season.

Creard R-407H can be retrofit in systems that previously used R22 and R404A refrigerants.