An exothermic refrigeration cooling system will be used by the largest pig farming enterprise in the Voronezh Region of Russia.

Agroeco-Yug signed a contract with GEA for the supply and installation of the fully automated, exothermal refrigeration system. The cooling system uses ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2) and includes compression equipment, evaporative condensers, portioning equipment, air coolers and blast freezers.

The system, which is scheduled for commissioning in 2020, will be used in the slaughter and processing of pigs. Agroeco-Yug can process 600 pigs per hour.

To reduce the losses incurred in transforming electricity, high voltage motors (10 KV) will be installed on the compressor units for the NH3 circuit. Carbon dioxide is used as the working substance for the receptacles of the -47 to -20°F (-44 and -29°C) circuit. An aqueous solution of propylene glycol cooled to -22°F (-8°C) is used for medium-temperature receptacles.