The EVR range of solenoid valves can be used for walk-in cold rooms, display freezers and refrigerators, chillers, rooftop units or close controls. The valve line is approved for lower global-warming potential refrigerants, including R-290 (propane). Tight solenoid closures safeguard the system and contribute to food safety and enhanced flow characteristics for high efficiency. In the liquid line, the tight shutoff prevents refrigerant flow back to the compression side. In the discharge line, the EVR v2 can withstand high temperatures and reduce system energy consumption compared to other defrost methods. Therefore, the valves are suited for demanding cooling applications such as ice-making machines, cold rooms, freezers or ice cream machines, where the system is subjected to additional stress due to the rapid defrosting cycles or short hot-gas injection cycles, and where a suction line solenoid valve is required for defrosting.

Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration