Dreisbach Enterprises installed a thermal energy storage (TES) system at its cold storage warehouse in Richmond, Calif. The system, manufactured by Viking Cold Solutions, ensures product temperature stability and reduces electricity demand and total electricity consumption.

The system consists of self-contained cells of environmentally friendly, proprietary phase-change material (PCM) paired with intelligent controls and continuous remote monitoring, notification and reporting software. During off-peak energy hours, a cold storage facility’s conventional refrigeration equipment freezes the PCM. During peak demand hours, facilities using the PCM technology can reduce the mechanical runtime of their refrigeration systems and rely on the PCM to maintain stable temperatures.

Low temperature cold storage facilities require the highest energy demand per cubic foot of any industrial electricity load. In some markets, peak demand charges comprise up to 70 percent of a facility’s electricity bill, encouraging customers to shut off equipment during peak periods. This tactic can cause micro-thawing and micro-freezing, which degrades cell structure and reduces the quality and shelf life of foods.