When designing an effective microbial control program for shale oil-and-gas operations, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of frequently used biocides, says one water treatment chemicals maker.

A better understanding of biocide characteristics can help those involved with hydraulic fracturing operations know what to look for in a biocide for each phase of treatment. The biocides selected for preparing the water or decontaminating the well may need to be different than those chosen to protect the reservoir.

In its ongoing video series, Dow Microbial Control offers insights into “What do I need to know about the most commonly used biocides?” This second in an occasional series of videos from the Midland, Mich.-based manufacturer explains the pros and cons of common biocides in terms of their reactivity, selectivity, compatibility, and how they perform under different environmental conditions.

*Video courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company