Check out this special page to find products perfectly suited to help you and your process equipment handle high ambient temperature and humidity. As we head into the critical summer cooling season, be sure you know about products that can help solve cooling challenges.

Cottonwood Filter Screens

cottonwood filter screens

With springtime just around the corner, rooftop units, air handling units, intake louvers, chillers, cooling towers and more will inevitably start sucking in airborne debris - fouling your equipment and reducing cooling efficiency - Now you can put an end to all that with Cottonwood Filter Screens – they’re designed to stop airborne debris before it gets into the equipment. Made from a specially engineered HVAC Mesh, these filters have a non-stick surface, are highly UV, Mold and mildew resistant, are flame retardant (self-extinguishing) and have a service life up to 15+ years.  No need to remove filters for cleaning - simply spray them with a garden hose or use a sidewalk blower, broom or brush - even the rain will help rinse them clean - It's just that simple!

Air Solution Company


BCP™ 1015 Chemistry 

BCP™ 1015 Chemistry

BCP™ 1015 chemistry penetrates, disperses and cleans organic deposits in industrial process and building comfort cooling systems.  It is used in both open and closed loop systems.  Dosing BCP™ 1015 as a part of a regular maintenance program in conjunction with other industrial water treatment chemicals, keeps surfaces clean.  BCP™ 1015 is compatible with oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides and helps them work more efficiently.  The benefits of clean surfaces include less susceptibility to microbially influenced corrosion, reduction of biofilm that harbor pathogens such as Legionella and more efficient heat transfer and evaporation in the cooling tower fill.    

AMSA, Inc.


Low Charge Central System

low charge central system

The Frick newly patented Low Charge Central System can offer your company consistent cost savings throughout the product’s lifecycle, thanks to reduced installation, operation and maintenance costs. Our innovative remote distributed condensing units keep a very low total system ammonia charge which offers greater safety and security for your employees and your inventory. That can reduce insurance costs due to limited liability. A lower ammonia charge also means less government regulation which can translate to additional cost savings. And you do not have to make costly alterations to your building structure to accommodate our system. Unlike our competitors, our technology can be easily retrofitted to your present facility.

Frick Industrial Refrigeration


Multi-Wing’s εPS™ Fan Blade Extensions, Close the gap for better performance  


Multi-Wing’s εPS™ Fan Blade Extensions are bristles on the end of each fan blade that close the gap between the shroud and the fan tip. This fan blade extension minimizes turbulence in the blade, improves fan performance and reduces noise. εPS increases efficiency by up to eight percentage points and pressure by up to 25 percent. Suitable for use in HVAC, these blade extensions are third-party tested for chemical resistance and are strength tested for maximum durability. εPS is ideal for operating temperatures up to 280°F.    

Multi-Wing America


Key Word - Simplify 

electric water filters

ORIVAL, Inc. has spent years of research and development to reduce the complexity of their electric water filter resulting in the new ORE/A Automatic Self-cleaning Screen Filter line of products.  Simplifying controls while increasing reliability and performance is a real winning combination.  Troublesome limit switches, expensive reversing motors, extra contactor, a second overload protection device and complex controllers have been eliminated.  Self-adjusting nozzles (with no springs) maintaining light contact with the screen surface during the automatic rinse cycle for maximum cleaning and minimum water loss come as standard equipment.  The ORE/A comes in sizes from 2-inches to 24-inches and filtration degrees from 5-3000 microns.    

Orival Inc.