MembranePRO Services and Watershed Tech Services plan to double production capacity by the end of the year at the Wasco Treatment Plant. The plant is California’s first merchant facility to treat produced water for reclamation and beneficial reuse.

Located near multiple active oilfields surrounding Bakersfield, the facility converts billions of gallons of produced water each year into high-quality clean water for reuse. Oil-and-gas producers, agriculture and industry throughout Kern County and Central Valley use the recycled water for their operations, reducing the need to utilize freshwater resources.

The facility currently has a daily capacity of 210,000 gallons of produced water for reuse. It will scale up to 420,000 gallons per day after the expansion. The facility completed setup, testing and commissioning in February 2018 after initially treating 25,000 gallons per day under a pilot program permit issued in 2017.