The National Hockey League (NHL) and The Chemours Company announced a multi-year partnership focused on providing Opteon sustainable refrigerant solutions to ice rinks across North America. Opteon refrigerants are non-ozone depleting and have a low global warming potential (GWP). Many community rinks currently use HCFC-22, which is being phased out pursuant to the Montreal Protocol, or HFCs, which are being phased down through the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

For community rink owners and operators, several factors need to be considered when selecting refrigerants and refrigeration systems to create the perfect sheet of ice, including equipment age and energy-efficiency of the new fluid. The opportunity to use Opteon refrigerants will provide options for community rinks that are faced with the need to address environmental regulations.

The NHL Greener Rinks Initiative measures and evaluates the combined environmental impact of approximately 4,800 indoor ice rinks across North America. It aims to help rink owners and operators make sustainable business decisions in their aging community rinks, many with an average age of 30 years.