Features of the SQA line of fans include heavy-gauge steel housings with flanged housing edges to augment the fan’s rigidity. The exclusive hyperbolic spun steel wheel cone optimizes the smooth stable airflow across entire operating range. Shafts made from SAE 1045 carbon steel are turned, ground and polished to ensure a tight bearing and hub fit. They also are sized to operate at least 20 percent below the first critical speed. Arrangement 9 bases are prepunched for popular motor frames, and they have threaded belt-tension adjustment and positive locking. To facilitate duct connection, all models are furnished with prepunched flanged outlets to match the optional outlet damper. The housings are rotated easily without disassembly to simplify installation and relocation while operating efficiently in all four discharge positions. Fan sizes range from 8.75 to 44.5” and volumes to 55,000 cfm.

Chicago Blower