MarleyGard CD and MarleyGard SP systems help maintain cooling tower water quality. The chemical-delivery system uses electronic monitoring to evaluate the delivery of cooling water treatment and its effectiveness in keeping the control parameters within specified limits. Primary monitoring targets typically include conductivity, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), treatment chemical concentration levels, general water analysis, and corrosion coupons and probes. By using this type of control, a technician is dispatched only when problems requiring on-site resolution are encountered. The basin-sweeper system uses nozzles to direct solids toward the sweeper outlet-suction pipe, discouraging the formation of biofilm, scale and corrosion. The suspended solids travel through the pump suction pipe to a separator or filtration equipment, where they are removed. Clean water is pumped back to the basin via PVC piping and nozzles. Turbulence created by the nozzles further inhibits biological growth.

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