A South Dakota industrial manufacturer was using both ozone and a nonoxidizing microbiocide to manage microbiological growth in its cooling water system. The solution, unfortunately, was not controlling fouling as anticipated, and this prevented the facility from achieving its operational goals.

U.S. Water, the company’s water treatment partner, recommended a MIOX mixed-oxidant generating system for primary disinfection. The system uses salt combined with electricity to generate disinfectant at the point of use, and it can be fed directly into the tower sump or injected into the circulation loop. The automated unit eliminates the delivery, storage and handling of hazardous chemicals. The MIOX unit, paired with U.S. Water’s cooling tower control system, measures water temperature, pump speed and flow rate to ensure a safe and efficient cooling tower management program.

According to the manufacturer, the MIOX unit has been effectively protecting the cooling towers from microbiological fouling since implementation, and operators have noticed visible improvements to the cleanliness of the system. As a result, the facility has reduced its chemical usage by over 2,000 lb, saving approximately $8,300 annually.