The Ecodry BWR water-recovery system allows users of the company’s Ecodry 3DK closed-loop adiabatic central coolers the ability to capture and reuse more water. The closed-loop system incorporates a patented adiabatic chamber that uses a mist to cool process water circulated to it from processing machines. The water-recovery system consists of small tanks, pumps and a drip pan located beneath the adiabatic cooling unit. Controlled by the company’s central control system, the system automatically catches unevaporated misting water and recycles it back into the adiabatic chamber for reuse while simultaneously shutting off the city water supply. The system is suited for use in unusually humid ambient conditions when small amounts of misting water can go unused. It also can be used with an adiabatic cooler unit configured with an optional booster system, which uses extra water in the cooling coil chamber when needed to reach targeted process cooling water temperatures. The water-recovery system automatically discharges any unused water to drain when the adiabatic function is no longer required as ambient temperatures drop.

Frigel North America