Brentwood Industries Inc. is offering a no-cost testing program to ensure optimized cooling tower processes.

The company will test the tower’s fill and drift eliminator packs for brittleness to determine projected life expectancy and product performance. Those undertaking the testing will receive an engineering report with photos to support the findings as well as recommendations for improvement.

To take part in the program, users register before submitting a fill sample. Complete details are described on the website, but the primary steps include:

  • Provide your information by filling out this form online.
  • Remove 6 ft3 of fill or drift from your tower, or find a local contractor to remove it for you.
  • Ship the material to Brentwood’s testing facility. Include the shipping insert generated by submitting the form.
  • Receive the results in up to three weeks.

Click here for more information or to start the testing process.