A mechanical equipment-locking system can protect cooling tower components from irreparable damage due to high wind speeds, says the manufacturer.

As wind speeds increase, unlocked cooling tower fans will rotate, sometimes at dangerous velocities. When wind loads are high enough to flex the fan shrouds into the rotating fan blades, the fan assemblies can shatter. The fan shrouds, gear reducers, drive shafts, drive motors and the cooling tower structure can be affected by the damaging forces of the wind-driven fan blades.

The mechanical equipment-locking system can prevent damage to a cooling tower by locking the mechanical equipment and preventing the fans from rotating in high winds. Manufactured by Cooling Towers LLC, the fan lock integral braking mechanism. Also, because wind is a potential energy source, the mechanical equipment-locking system doubles as a safety device by providing lockout/tagout of the mechanical equipment during routine maintenance or repair work.