Are you familiar with CTI STD-136, the material specification developed by the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI) for polymers utilized in cooling tower fill, drift eliminators and cellular louvers? If you’re not, you should be.

The purpose of the specification is to provide a basic outline of tests and corresponding minimum results so that engineers and owners can reference them when designing for their specific tower's needs. STD-136 sets a minimum threshold for material properties, consistent with known performance in the field. A material that meets or exceeds this standard has been field-proven to provide a good serviceable life under normal operating conditions.

At the current level of polymer technology, there should be no reason that a tower product does not meet the requirements of STD-136. The inability to meet STD-136, on the other hand, puts the contractor and owner at risk. Brentwood tests many products from around the world each year that fall short in at least one material property test and do not meet the standard. Ultimately, meeting STD-136 is the first basic step in being able to specify and produce a world-class cooling tower product.

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