The LCCS is an efficient central refrigeration system with a total system ammonia charge of approximately 1.5 to 3 pounds per ton of refrigeration, or 85 to 95 percent less than traditional central ammonia systems. According to the manufacturer, the LCCS is the only centralized system in the super-low charge category (less than 5 lbs/TR). The low charge can, in some cases, ease the regulatory burden and compliance costs for facilities. Key features include localized condensing, which is made possible via remote-distributed-condensing (RDC) units that are managed by a proprietary control system. Instead of feeding centrally condensed liquid ammonia through the system, only ammonia vapor is distributed through the plant. It then is condensed locally, near the evaporators. The RDC units, which include a condensing heat exchanger (adiabatic, plate-and-frame, air-cooled or evaporative) and a small liquid supply vessel, are placed near direct-expansion evaporators at the point of liquid use.

Frick Industrial Refrigeration, Johnson Controls