Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc. is expanding its line of off-the-shelf heat pipes. The thermal engineering and manufacturing company asserts that by the end of 2018, it will provide the broadest offering of off-the-shelf heat pipes.

Flat and round heat pipe offerings will increase from 33 to more than 350. Round heat pipes will be available in lengths of ~2.75 to 23.6" (70 to 600 mm) and diameters of ~0.157 to 0.394" (4 to 10 mm). Flat heat pipes will be available in lengths of ~2.75 to 19.685" (70 to 500 mm).

To make the selection process easier for engineers, ATS has created an online selection tool. Users input the desired design criteria — length, wick type, heat to be dissipated, evaporator insertion length, and condenser insertion length — and the tool suggests products. The selection tool can be found at

The application of heat pipes in the thermal management of electronics continues to grow significantly, says ATS. Copper heat pipes with grooved or sintered copper powder wick structures can provide cooling in electronics, HVAC and other products.