The Process Safety Management Professional (PSMP) certificate is designed to equip PSM coordinators with the knowledge and skills required to successfully carry out their important and challenging role in ammonia-refrigerated facilities.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC) launched a certificate program designed for PSM coordinators employed in ammonia-refrigerated food and beverage processing or cold storage/distribution facilities. Individuals who earn the PSMP certificate will:

  • Be more effective and proactive in managing their PSM and RMP compliance programs.
  • Positively impact business, regulatory, environmental, safety and health risks.
  • Recognize the special constraints, regulations, design principles and business practices that are applicable in the field of industrial refrigeration.
  • More effectively lead technical teams without direct lines of authority.
  • Be better equipped to manage and coordinate work on the covered process by both internal and external personnel.

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