A 30-day review period for two IIAR standards offers another chance for public review to ensure the standards reflect industry consensus.

International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) standards open for review include:

  • Standard BSR/IIAR 2-2014, Addendum A, Standard for Safe Design of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
  • Standard BSR/IIAR 7-201x, Developing Operating Procedures for Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

According to IIAR, “BSR/IIAR 2-2014, Addendum A specifies the minimum safety criteria for design of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems. It presupposes that the persons who use the document have a working knowledge of the functionality of ammonia refrigerating system(s) and basic ammonia refrigerating practices and principles. This standard is intended for those who develop, define, implement and/or review the design of ammonia refrigeration systems.” Review the call for comment or submit feedback at http://web.iiar.org/standards/iiar2/iiar2_a.cfm.

According to IIAR, “BSR/IIAR 7-201x, defines the minimum requirements for developing operating procedures applicable to closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems… [and] is intended for those who develop, define, or review operating procedures, or a combination thereof, for… stationary closed-circuit refrigeration systems utilizing ammonia as the refrigerant.” Review the call for comment or submit feedback at http://web.iiar.org/standards/iiar7/iiar7_a.cfm.

All comments for both standards are due no later than 5 p.m. EST on November 4.