Google “October is awareness month for” and you will be inundated with responses. Some are well known and long observed — for instance, Breast Cancer Awareness Month or National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Others, such as the Dysautonomia Awareness Month or National Window Coverings Safety Month, are no less worthy, but they have not yet achieved the same level of national notoriety. Into that crowded field, I humbly suggest we add Industrial Refrigeration Training Month. To make it stand out a bit, we can make it run mid-October to mid-November. To help you observe this newly created period of celebration, there are already two great events to participate in.

The first is Process Cooling’s upcoming webinar, “Emergency Preparedness and Ammonia Refrigeration Safety.” Join us Wednesday, October 24, at 2 pm ET for the live event, or register in advance at and watch it on demand as time allows.

No industrial facility is fully protected from hazards — dangers such as fire, flood or ammonia release. If your facility uses an ammonia refrigeration system, are you prepared for what could befall your plant? During this webinar, John Sherrill, the training and compliance engineer at Wagner-Meinert LLC’s Tex Hildebrand Training Center, will explain why every plant utilizing ammonia refrigeration must have plant emergency plans in place. Prefire prevention plan, evacuation plan, emergency action plan, emergency response plan: Do you know what should be included in each plan, and are you sure yours do?

Also, we will also take a brief look at who — besides your actual employees — federal regulations require you to share your plans with.  Don’t miss this opportunity to bring some clarity to what your requirements are.

In early November, the RETA national conference in Dallas includes several days of educational sessions on a range of topics related to ammonia refrigeration. In addition to workshops and presentations, the annual meeting will include an exhibition, social events and opportunities to gain industry certifications. Turn to page 44 for our coverage of the RETA annual meeting.

While Industrial Refrigeration Training Month isn’t officially recognized yet, these events present great opportunities for anyone working in the field. You can find me at both, and I hope to see many of you as well.