Line of flat and round heat pipe includes round heat pipes in lengths of ~2.76 to 23.6” (70 to 600 mm) and diameters of ~0.15 to 0.4” (4 to 10 mm). Flat heat pipes are available in lengths of ~2.76 to 19.7” (70 to 500 mm), widths of 0.19 to 0.45” (4.83 to 11.41 mm), and heights of ~0.08 to 0.26” (2 to 6.5 mm). The high performance copper heat pipes have grooved or sintered, copper-powder wick structures. They are suited for cooling applications in electronics and HVAC, among others. To ease the specification process, the company added a heat pipe selection tool to its website.

Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) Inc.