An updated online heat load calculator allows users to determine cooling requirements for their specific enclosure. 

The online tool is designed to help users size enclosure cooling systems from Cincinnati-based Vortec. Users input enclosure dimensions, compressed air inlet temperature and pressure, current cabinet temperatures, worst-case ambient temperature and whether the enclosure is in direct contact with sunlight. Users select units of measure for length (inches or millimeters), power (watts or BTU/hr), temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius), pressure (psig or bar) and NEMA rating required. The tool then calculates the total heat load in the enclosure and suggests a Vortec enclosure cooler suitable for the application. 

The heat load calculator can generate a PDF of the results. This online tool is suited for a range of industries and applications, including industrial manufacturing, food, chemical, water, wastewater, oil refining and petrochemical processing.

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