Have you ever noticed that possibilities are only limited by the ways in which you choose to view them? Perspective is key: It you choose to believe something is possible (or impossible), then it is.

I was reminded of this truth while enjoying the comedy of Jim Gaffigan not long ago. The comic, long-known for his riffs on Hot Pockets, bacon and donuts, offers the best kind of observation comedy. One bit that still has me chuckling is his take on fall, and multi-hued show that we enjoy as winter approaches. “Let’s drive by the foliage! It’s so beautiful the way the leaves die.” (To watch Gaffigan deliver better than I can relate it, visit https://youtu.be/BM6w04nIo04.) Without giving away the punchlines, I’ll say that I’ll never look at fall foliage quite the same way again.

Gaffigan’s unusual view on fall color grows out his style comedy, which is to look at the everyday things around us and see them through a new lens. Likewise, in this issue, a steelmaker looked at the river that passes near the plant with new eyes when plant improvements meant a creative solution had to be found.

The article, “Overcoming the Hidden Costs of Water,” describes how the steelmaker found itself facing a $1.2 million tab for installing a new water pipe connecting the city water mains on one hand, and using river water that would plug the coolers and shut down production in short order. For the steelmaker, the solution was found in using water treatment technologies it previously had not considered.

Elsewhere in this issue, the role of water audits as well as a step-by-step overview of the process are the focus of “What Are Your Water Treatment Goals?” Timely water audits, says the engineering team at Evoqua, allow facilities to identify opportunities to upgrade and improve where needed, so such improvements can be planned during routine plant shutdown.

Using cooling towers in forging operations is the focus of “Forging Ahead with Plastic Cooling Towers.” Using cooling towers manufactured of high density polyethylene allowed the forger to expel heat from the quench system for forging operations as well as to support hydraulic cooling for a new 5,000-ton hydraulic press, rail-bound manipulator and hydraulic ring roller.

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